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Restore health to your relationships. Loosen the grip of compulsions and destructive emotions. Mark Harol counseling offers individual, couples, and group sessions designed to help break through and release the blocks and compulsions and take control of your life!

Virtual Counseling

Live individual counseling sessions via Zoom, available anywhere.

Group Sessions

Coaching and support via guided live hybrid sessions: in-person and Zoom.

Stop procrastinating. Start working towards a solution to your pornography addiction and inappropriate sexual compulsions

Mark’s counseling series will help guide you towards a life free of inappropriate sexual behaviors.

Take Action To Tackle what’s blocking you from a full, satisfying life

Make today the day you put yourself and your one-and-only life first. Take control of your path by making positive changes that will last a lifetime.

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Personalized counseling can be one important element in making forward progress. Contact Mark to learn how.

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Learn more about Mark, and get insights into addressing betrayal, addictions, inappropriate compulsions and more.

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For those who may be struggling with sexual compulsions, our assessment tool can help provide deeper insights.