About Mark Harol

Mark Harol is a therapist in North Carolina who is dedicated to helping people develop healthy relationships and productive, satisfying lives.

Mark brings years of expertise to the table, with an enviable mix of corporate and military experience coupled with specialised knowledge in sex therapy and addiction. His unique background is sure to provide unparalleled insight for those lucky enough to work alongside him!

Through specialized training from the Institute for Sexual Wholeness in Atlanta, Georgia, Mark is passionate about helping men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction and unwanted sexual behaviors. He offers invaluable hope and support to those affected by these issues, as well as counseling services for their partners or spouses along the way!

Retired from the Air Force after two decades of dedicated service, Mark Harol’s impressive career only continued to soar as he spent 12 years leading a highly successful company. It isn’t just business that brings joy and fulfillment into his life though; 46 blissful married years later, Mark loves nothing more than spoiling his ten adoring grandchildren!

Mark Harol Photo