I had been using pornography without my wife’s knowledge for more than six years. I didn’t understand why I was compelled to do this. I had a wonderful wife and a good life with her. When my spouse discovered my addiction, she was shocked and it lead to a serious medical and mental health crisis for us. My wife and I have worked with Mark for the past six months, and we are now in a good place toward restoring our marriage. He is an excellent, empathetic and caring therapist.


I was a former sex addict who was married to a sex addict. We thought we could solve all our problems through our sexual behaviors. We were wrong and it ended our marriage. I am now remarried but unfortunately, I brought some of these behaviors into my new relationship, which created immense problems. Working with Mark has helped me realize so much of my inappropriate sexual behaviors are tied to my childhood trauma. I’m doing well but have a long way to go. However, I am now hopeful that I will never return to those behaviors again.


I was shocked that at 24 years of age I experienced severe erectile dysfunction. It was the cause of three failed relationships. In working with Mark, he has helped me to see that this was tied to my excessive use of pornography and masturbation. It was also a result from a difficult upbringing. I am now in a healthy relationship and have and are no longer experiencing erectile dysfunction. I have also learned coping skills to help me deal with my difficult childhood trauma.


I am 50 years old, and I began using pornography at age 12. It evolved into more complex inappropriate sexual behaviors. I live in a rural area and could not find a therapist to help me. I have been working with Mark online for more than one year. I have been free of porn use since that time thanks to the treatment I have received. 


I am a licensed therapist who received my training from Mark. I have watched him work patiently and with great empathy with men and couples broken by the problem of sexual addiction. He is a true expert at getting to the root of the problem. In my five years with Mark, I have watched him help hundreds of men and couples. He is a godsend to the field of sexual addiction.

Diane Myers